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Fashion Yorkshire Terriers

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I bought my teacup Yorkie from Carol at Harmony Star Kennel last summer. My puppy is now 10 months old and is very healthy and just beautiful. She ended up being a tiny little girl. Carol was very friendly and welcoming when I stopped by to see the puppies. Her house was very clean and puppies were kept inside for special care. She made sure not to allow anyone to handle the puppies that hadn't finished with their vaccinations. I would definitely recommend Harmony Star Kennels to anyone looking for a happy healthy pup.
Hello Carol,
As you know, we had a hard pill to swallow this past Christmas with the loss of our baby Bella. We were somewhat reluctant to move forward but once we started this journey the excitement grew and grew until we never looked back! You have been so kind and helpful in selecting the perfect puppy. I think without your patience and kindness we would have missed out on our special little guy. We could never replace our sweet Bella but we have definitely found a place in our heart to love again. "Blu" a special little boy who has stolen our heart in a BIG way! Can't wait to keep you inundated with pictures. "Blu" is so full of spunk and has such a BIG personality for being so tiny (under 2lbs)!

Thank you and God Bless,
The Benson Family